Of course we hope it never happens, but if it does, we want to be prepared. And by “it” we mean a natural disaster. Mother Nature has been handing us some doozies lately—wildfires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, not to mention a pandemic—and in the unfortunate event that we are in her way, we want to make sure that we are able to ride out the (literal) storm.

The Red Cross recommends that you keep a disaster preparedness kit in your home with enough supplies to meet your family's needs for at least 3 days. By taking the time now to store food, water, and supplies, you can provide for yourself and your family in an emergency.

GETXGO is a line of fire and water-resistant and waterproof emergency kits, connecting and preparing you no matter the situation. With a plethora of items that go above and beyond the “basics”, GETXGO has given careful thought and consideration to what you may need at any given time to see you through the worst. From hygiene essentials including toothbrushes, mouthwash, and feminine products, to tools like a solar-powered power bank and crank radio, a universal charging cable, and duct tape, plus so much more, this kit offers comfort together with practicality.

The pack itself is smartly arranged so that you can have everything at your fingertips. Small enough to fit into an everyday backpack, it’s perfectly designed to store anywhere—at home, at the office, in your car. You will have quick access to everything you need, as well as a smartphone app that allows you to keep a personal checklist of the planning process, make copies of important insurance and medical documents, and stay informed.

According to FEMA, a 2020 survey showed that there was a 6% increase in the number of Americans that had taken steps to prepare for an emergency, no doubt, due in part to the pandemic and the other wild events that are happening seemingly more frequently. In total, 81% had gathered supplies, 65% had sought preparedness information, and 48% had created emergency plans. Be a part of the growing population that realizes the importance of  being ready in times of disasters. Get this GETXGO kit today for up to 30% off the retail price.

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