Last year, if there was one thing most of us thought about a lot more than normal, it was survival. The pandemic turned out to be a wake-up call that everything can go south in a matter of days, if not hours. As a result, panic buying and hoarding began to frequently appear in the news. And now that things have calmed down (relatively speaking), more people than ever have learned that when it comes to disaster preparedness, you can't wait until a disaster strikes. But with a survival kit like the The Mover Max from Judy Kits, you can prepare well in advance of a worst-case scenario with one convenient purchase.

The Mover Max Survival Kit

Judy Kits

JudyKit offers a variety of survival kits and products, such as portable power stations and survival go-bags, depending on your needs and circumstances. However, if you’re looking for a versatile, all-in-one kit that is ready to support up to four people, check out The Mover Max. Though it can be described as a “beast in a box”, The Mover Max is a 100-percent waterproof bag containing a whopping 53 surviving essentials, ranging from food bars, first aid kits, all the way to utility tools. This way, if a disaster strikes, your family of up to four can be supported for up to 72 hours. No matter if there is an emergency, tornado season, or something else that requires evacuation, The Mover Max will have you covered.

What’s more, The Mover Max is easy to transport. The backpack is designed ergonomically, it features a variety of adjustable straps and a heavy-duty belt to relieve pressure when carrying it. The backpack is filled with life-saving items which are neatly organized into three categories – tools and first aid, food and water, and safety and warmth.

Tools and First Aid
The first section (Tools and first aid) includes a variety of essential tools, such as 3-in-1 radio, charger, and flashlight, duct tape, multitool, biohazard bag, pocket tissues, and many other things. In case you’re not able to use running water or soap for hygiene, it is also worth mentioning that The Mover Max comes with hand sanitizers.

Food and Water
The second packaging, “Food and Water” contains 7 food bars and 14 water bottles, each of them having a 5-year long shelf life.

Safety and Warmth
The last, “Safety and Warmth” package is oriented toward keeping you safe and warm, as it includes a poncho, dust masks, gloves, a couple of emergency whistles, and more. What’s more, JudyKit’s kit contents are specially chosen by emergency preparedness experts, meaning that they’re tried, tested, and trusted. After buying this kit, you can also opt to receive text alerts about any incoming calamities in your area. You'll also get advice on how to create emergency plans.

If you’re still dwelling on which emergency survival kit to choose for potential disasters, consider The Mover Max. It's full of well-chosen essentials that significantly increase your chances of survival. What’s more, all of the tools are orange, so they can be easily located in vast, difficult environments. With this survival kit, you’ll have a better chance of a positive outcome out of the worst possible situations.

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