Anker's PowerLine III Flow charging cables were designed for one purpose: To survive being twisted, turned, bent, and tangled without fraying, breaking, or tearing. If you've ever experienced the annoyance of realizing your device didn't charge because of the cable — and let's be honest, this always happens at the worst possible time — it's worth the upgrade.

The market is flooded with charging cables touting their durability, but they all have thick, braided shielding, which makes them difficult to bend. It's possible, over time, to damage these cables by coiling them too tightly. Braided cables are also thicker and heavier than your typical power cord, which can make them more cumbersome to carry around. You typically have to make the choice: Use a charging cable that's easier to maneuver, but may break, or one that'll last the lifetime of your device (if not more), but is more annoying to use.

The PowerLine III Flow cables offer the best features from both styles, with unique properties that take them to a new level. Anker developed an outer case for these cables made out of graphene and silicone, which makes them flexible, durable, and soft. The difference between holding a PowerLine III Flow cable and a braided cord is immediately noticeable, with the latter being a lot rougher and more abrasive. You've probably never thought about how your charging cable feels but the PowerLine III Flow might change your mind. Using these materials also allowed Anker to make this cable slimmer than previous versions without sacrificing durability. For another option, consider the best HDMI cables.

Putting the Anker PowerLine III Flow Cable to the Test

Despite its soft exterior, Anker says this cable can be bent 25,000 times, and can withstand over 220 pounds of pressure. In our tests, which included wrapping the cable around desk legs, charging devices using a battery pack in a hoodie pocket, and plugging gadgets into a standard power brick, the PowerLine III Flow successfully charged all of our devices. It didn't matter which unusual angle we bent the cable in, or how tangled we made it, the cable just worked. 

Our favorite little detail when testing the PowerLine III Flow is its ability to spring back to its original shape after it's been twisted or tied in knots. Most cables, even the ultra-thick, durable, braided kind will retain small kinks if you bend them enough. The PowerLine III Flow will unravel without any signs of use. Anker complimented this feature by including a silicone tie with the cable, so you can keep it wrapped up when you're done using it.

It's a small detail, but we prefer this organizational feature more than the Velcro tie included with some other cables. It feels nicer to use because of its soft silicone texture, and doesn't make a ripping sound each time you want to use the cable. Another little detail: This cable’s soft silicone outer casing won’t attract dirt or dust the way braided cables do. When you want to clean the PowerLine III Flow, all you need is a damp cloth. 

The PowerLine III Flow is Strong and Versatile

Anker offers the PowerLine III Flow in two styles: USB-C to USB-C and Lightning to USB-C. The former is compatible with Android devices, Windows PCs, MacBooks, the Nintendo Switch, and many other gadgets, while the latter works with the iPhone, Ninth-generation iPad, AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. Both styles of cable are available in three feet and six feet sizes, and a variety of fun colors. 

Charging cables are an essential tech accessory that most of us rely on dozens of times per day without realizing it. Keeping your device's battery topped up can reduce your reliance on using its "low power mode" or cranking down its screen brightness. Anker's Powerline III Flow charging cables' combination of durability and flexibility are so good that over time, they've become the cord we reach for most often. If your charging cables are on their last legs, or covered in electrical tape, this is the upgrade you need.  

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