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An Electric SUV With a Better Range Than Tesla’s Model X Is Now Available for Preorder

The battery charges in just 50 minutes and will take you 310 miles.

Abby NormanApril 26th 2017

New EV On The Block

The world’s lineup of electric vehicles is getting a new addition in 2018, and it’s going to be an SUV from German automaker Audi. The concept for this e-tron Sportback vehicle first came out in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Now, Audi has opened up reservations for buyers based in Norway for $2,500. That’s the price to reserve — the actual price of the electric SUV has yet to be announced.

In terms of what it could deliver, the e-tron SUV boasts a 499-km (310-mile) range on a single charge of its 95 kWh battery (which, by the way, can be fully charged in 50 minutes). That’s more than the 465-km (289-mile) single charge range of Tesla’s Model X SUV’s 100 kWh battery. In addition, Audi is considering adding an autonomous driving software to the SUV’s features.

Image credit: Audi

In terms of looks, the e-tron is stylish, and could be more so if Audi decides to trade the side mirrors for a couple of cameras instead. Inside, it’s dashboard will be covered in OLED screens — perfect for network connectivity based on LTE Advanced.

Cameras for side mirrors. Image credit: Audi
Cameras for side mirrors. Image credit: Audi

Audi joins a number of veteran automakers that are developing their own line of EVs. Fossil fuels are set to take a hit from clean energy transportation, and EVs are already capable of replacing 90 percent of today’s vehicles, according to MIT.

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