Amazon has been granted a patent for an ambitious new method of maintaining a charge in electric vehicles (EVs). The company wants to use drones to allow drivers to top up their vehicles without having to visit a charging station.

Drivers would request a top up from a central server, which would dispatch a charging drone to their location. The drone would then dock with the vehicle and start transferring power, without the car ever needing to come to a stop.

This solution isn't meant to administer a full charge to the car's battery, it would only supply enough power to get the driver to a charging station, which are still in somewhat limited supply. While charging technologies for EVs are developing quickly in leaps and bounds, it would currently be very challenging to outfit a drone with such advanced capabilities.

Better charging methods are a major priority when it comes to making EVs the norm. There are various ongoing projects looking to perfect wireless charging, including panels on road surfaces that would supply power, which have great potential — but, if nothing else, Amazon's drones could be a great tool while these technologies continue to advance.

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