The social VR platform AltspaceVR has launched Slack integration to make it much easier to start a team meeting in virtual reality, letting you communicate with them in real time.

This comes along with the release of the company’s new VR Call app, which has release early in April.

AltspaceVR CEO Eric Romo took to the stage at the Silicon Valley VR Expo last week to talk about the app, saying: “That sense of physical space, that the person you love is standing right there in front of you, when you [only] get to see them once a year… is something that you will never forget. And this is why we think a billion people will use VR.”

The AltspaceVR CEO also said that he and his team would often create a room using the VR Call app and post the link in Slack for the rest to join.

This led to the AltspaceVR Slack integration. It’s a simple bot that’s installed in your Slack organization, and gives team members access to the /vrcall command, which makes it easy to create a room within AltspaceVR and share that room with your team.

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