Look at any modern PC gamer’s rig and you’ll see something positively old-timey: wired keyboards, mouse pads, and mice. In a world full of wireless peripherals, why would anyone bother with cords? The answer is simple: input lag. Occasionally, clicks and drags from a mouse lag a few milliseconds when using a wireless option. And those precious moments can be the difference between a satisfying win or a devastating ownage. That is unless you’re armed with the Alienware Tri-Mode wireless gaming mouse, which we’ll dive into in this review.

Alienware’s latest wireless mouse is far more slimmed down than its previous models, but it packs some serious specs. Here are a few of its standout features. 

Max Precision: With 26,000 DPI, the Alienware Tri-Mode wireless gaming mouse isn’t just great for gaming, it’s great for graphic designers and other creatives who depend on precision out of their hardware. Tri-Mode also reduces debounce time, enhances accuracy, and packs sensors that can handle up to 50G of max acceleration. 

Practically Endless Gaming: Connect via USB-C wireless and get up to 140 hours of lag-free gaming. Or, connect via Bluetooth, and get up to 420 hours before having to charge up again. Rest assured, once the battery runs down, the Alienware Tri-Mode wireless gaming mouse charges fast. A mere five minutes of charging can render up to 20 hours of gaming. 

 Tri-Mode comes with customization settings to please hardcore and casual gamers alike. Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Connect Your Way: Wireless connectivity with the Alienware Tri-Mode comes without any compromises. Connect via 2.4 GHz USB-C wireless dongle, or via Bluetooth 5.1, which lets you connect to most mobile devices. If you simply must play wired, plug in using its thick threaded USB-C cord, which charges the device as you game.

Seriously Sleek: Tri-Mode sports seven programmable buttons and a slimmer symmetrical design to please both righties and lefties, large hands and small. 

As you've learned from this Alienware Tri-Mode Gaming Mouse review, this device isn’t simply one of the fastest and most responsive wireless gaming mice out there, it may also be the most polished one. The dressed-down design provides for much customization with AlienFX RGB lighting with Alienware Command Center App. Those looking for a reliable premium gaming mouse worth the investment, look no further than the Alienware Tri-Mode. 

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