Probably the most eco-friendly kicks the company has ever made, Adidas is releasing limited edition shoes made entirely from recycled plastic. The shoes were created in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, which provided the thread spun from plastic waste.

Check out the story behind the shoes:

Adidas is releasing just 50 pairs of these recycled plastic shoes because spinning plastic ocean trash into high-performance fibers is hard work. For the Adidas x Parley shoe, two kinds of recycled plastic were used: PET, used most commonly for water bottles, and nylon from gill nets. For one shoe, about 16.5 old PET bottles and 13 grams of plastic from gill nets were used. Adidas also included thermoplastic polyurethane so the shoes could be more comfortable to wear.

This all sounds great, right? Well, there is a slight catch: according to Wired, the fact that the gill nets were used to catch fish in the past means that each pair comes with a certain off-putting fishy smell. That might be why Adidas is giving them away instead of putting them on the market.

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