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Add This Free Browser Extension to Save Money When Shopping Online

Don't overpay online—let Capital One Shopping find online discounts for you.

May 17 by Futurism Creative
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No one has time to price-check items on their shopping list between various stores—it takes trial and error to realize that one supermarket may sell cheaper ice cream, while another sells cheaper tomatoes. 

While the Internet seems more conducive to research and price-checking, it can actually have the opposite effect: access to too much information and too many options can be overwhelming, creating anxiety over finding the absolute best price available. 

But, what if you didn’t have to expose yourself to human error? What if there was an effortless way to compare prices when shopping online, and even receive notifications when a better price becomes available?

Now, there is, and it’s called Capital One Shopping


Don’t let the name fool you—Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that is free and available to non-Capital One customers. The easy-install browser extension instantly finds and automatically applies coupons and discounts to your cart at checkout, meaning you won’t miss a great deal or applicable coupon code again. And if the site you’re on doesn’t have the best available price, Capital One Shopping will guide you to the sites with the best pricing available.

But it gets better: Capital One Shopping truly goes the extra mile when it comes to maximizing your savings online, notifying you if a different site has better shipping prices available. Unlike competitor extensions, which only show the lowest-priced items on Amazon, Capital One Shopping notifies you if an item you’re browsing is available cheaper elsewhere before you checkout at popular stores like Amazon, Target, or Best Buy. 

Indeed, this too-good-to-be-true deal gets even better: you actually get rewarded just for utilizing this free, easy-to-use web extension. With every purchase, users can earn Capital One Shopping Rewards, which are a percentage of the cart total that can be redeemed for online gift cards. Yes, that’s right: not only does Capital One Shopping save you money through coupons and discounts, but it actually gives you even more money to spend when you shop online. 

If you’re not ready to buy just yet, Capital One Shopping is happy to watch that item for you by placing it on a Watchlist, where you’ll get a notification if the item drops in price. This also offers a timeline of prices over the course of a year, allowing you to track and monitor the prices of your favorite items, or notice a time of year when certain things go on sale. 


Capital One Shopping not only saves you money, but it saves you time. There’s less time needed to work towards that perfect vacation when you can save on your essentials, and there are no weekends spent hunting for the best-priced outfit for summer garden parties. So stop overpaying online already—all it takes is one click to potentially save big with Capital One Shopping. Download Capital One Shopping on your computer browser today and snag exclusive, effortless savings from your favorite brands. 

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