Diego Valdes is a Mechanical Engineer by day and creative cosplay creator by night. His Youtube account, diegator, has risen to internet stardom thanks to his most recent creation, the Metal Gear Solid Gray Fox Helmet.

His creation is an homage to the metal gear solid franchise, but even those who are unaware of the cosplay's significance are starstruck by ninja cyborg helmet itself.

The design took Valdes over seven months to complete, and it seems his efforts have paid off. The parts of the masks were 3D printed, while Valdes created his own light fixtures, switches, and facial transitions that can be controlled and powered by buttons inside the helmet.

Valdes' motivation to build this technologically and aesthetically beautiful helmet highlights a trend in our society. We are gradually becoming a community of creators, builders, and innovators. Whether it's pushing the envelope of scientific knowledge or investing that knowledge into building what we could previously only imagine, we are coming a long way in building a future of our own.

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