What’s the largest object is the known universe? There are a number of articles and videos on this topic. If we’re talking about the biggest star, most sites assert that VY Canis Majoris is the largest out there. Ultimately, it is some 3,600 times larger than the sun. That’s pretty big, big enough to swallow most of our solar system; however, it’s not the biggest.

Similarly, when we’re looking at black holes, a majority of sites say that the largest is NGC 1277. Initially, this black hole was estimated to be 17 billion solar masses. At the time, this estimate made NGC the largest known black hole in the universe; however, new data shrunk its size considerably. Moreover, even if NGC were 17 billion solar masses, recently, we have discovered some that are even larger.

So take a moment to get to know the true beasts of the cosmos.

Here are 6 of the most enormous objects in the known universe (according to some of our most accurate estimates).

For more information:

YV Canis Majoris, Massive Star: 

R136a1, Most massive star: 

UY Scuti, Largest Star:

NGC  1277, Massive Black Hole: 

OJ286, Largest Black Hole: 

IC 1101, Largest Galaxy: 

Eridnus Supervoid: 

The Giant Void, Largest supervoid

Largest LQG: 

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