World renowned Harvard professor and anti-aging expert David Sinclair was recently on the Joe Rogan Podcast. For over 2 hours, he discussed some of the keys to maximizing the human lifespan. We’ve condensed his advice into five things you can do right now to battle the aging process with information that is current, researched, and powerful. So if you've interested in learning how to maximize your chances to live longer, take a look at the information below.

1. Premium Anti-Aging Nutrition

First off, Sinclair confirms that if you aren’t supplementing your diet with with research-backed anti-aging supplements, you could be shaving years off your life. But with so many choices – from polyphenols like resveratrol, to a whole host of NAD+ boosters – which option is right for you? While Sinclair did not endorse any specific products, one popular option is Eternus.

Some anti-aging products have an ingredient or two intended to help you live longer. But Eternus contains one of the most complete formulas for full spectrum anti-aging benefits. It is made by Neurohacker Collective, the cutting-edge California formulators known for comprehensive supplementation.

Eternus has 36 premium ingredients designed to work together to support cellular energy. A decline in cellular energy is what leads to virtually all the symptoms we call “aging.” Within days of beginning Eternus, most users report experiencing a noticeable boost in vitality, energy, and mental clarity.

And best of all, it comes with a 100-day moneyback guarantee. So CLICK HERE to try Eternus and enter coupon code FUTURISM for 15% off your first order.

2. Determining Your Rate Of Aging

Did you know that you can now easily find out how fast you are aging with a great deal of accuracy? We all age at different rates, so how do you know how old your “30” is compared to the next person? Sinclair believes the best diagnostic tool available today is Horvath’s Clock, an epigenetic analysis developed by UCLA professor Steve Horvath in 2013. If you're interested, a company currently offering this assessment is Zymo Research.

3. Heat/Cold Therapies

It might not be the most comfortable item on this list, but Sinclair is a believer in the value of heat/cold therapies, and for good reason. From the anti-aging effects of sauna to the anti-inflammatory effects of cold plunge pools, careful temperature modulation of the body has real, diverse benefits that can potentially slow certain aspects of aging and aid longevity.

4. Intermittent Fasting

Remember when three square meals a day was considered the obvious path to optimized health? Get with the times! Sinclair endorses intermittent fasting, and it turns out, so does a growing body of evidence on its anti-aging benefits. If you have the self-discipline to do it, the benefits can be life-changing, and life-extending.

5. Senolytics

Our bodies produce over 220 billion new cells each day, and the average cell will divide over 50 to 70 times. But as old cells eventually lose their capacity to divide, which is known as cellular senescence, our bodies slowly build up accumulations of these senescent or “zombie” cells, which can increase our risk for everything from cancer to arthritis. Senolytics (literally translated as “senescence-destroying”) are small molecules which may be able to target these zombie cells and flush them from our bodies, drastically decreasing aspects of the aging process. Sinclair cites Unity Biotechnology as a company developing products on the leading edge of this approach, and Sinclair himself stated he’s developing an organization which will be debuting senolytic therapies in the near future. So stay abreast of this emerging line of products, because they may have big effects on upping your chances to live longer.

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