Usually, any news from Elon Musk regarding Tesla is good news. However, some may be disappointed by the CEO's latest round of tweeting. In response to a question on battery capacity, Musk hinted that the currently unannounced capacity of the company's next model, the Model 3, will not exceed 100 kWh.

This particular wording led some to wonder if the top battery pack option would be 100 kWh. Unfortunately, Musk was quick to dash those hopes as well, tweeting that the size of the new model is a limiting factor.

No specifics have been released on just how far below 100 kWh the capacity of the highest end Model 3 will be. Last year, a Tesla executive did mention that the base option would have a capacity of under 60 kWh, and Musk has said that the base model would have a range of at least 346 kilometers (215 miles). The higher-end versions are expected to achieve a range of more than 482 kilometers (300 miles). Given that the Model 3 is smaller and lighter than other Tesla models, it will likely be able to achieve those ranges even with smaller capacity batteries.

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