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This Bizarre 3D Printer Spins out Shapes Like a Spider Spins a Web

This tech can spin complex shapes freely in space without the use of supports.

Sarah MarquartApril 19th 2016


The 3D Cocooner is a new kind of 3D printer inspired by nature. Much like a caterpillar or spider, the bionic technology platform spins complex yet stable shapes freely in space—no supports needed. Watch it in action below:

As shown, the 3D Cocooner converts soft thread into a solid lattice structure by covering it with resin in the spinneret. As soon as it is extruded, a UV light cures the resin-soaked fibre, making it sturdy—photos even show full-size chairs made from the material.

Change your mind about the design? A built-in-saw slices the resin when you want to reposition the print head. The special resin can also be softened again at any time allowing beams and supports to be angled, repositioned, or connected to other parts of the 3D cocoon during the printing process.

The best part? No more waiting hours (or even overnight) for your creation to be finished. The current version can print at a rate of 10mm per second.

Welcome to the future of manufacturing.

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