In the age of the automation, losing our jobs to our metal friends may not actually be our biggest worry. While it's widely noted that by 2030 millions of jobs across multiple industries may be automated, 2031 The Movie gives us something else to worry about: the existence of our species.

In the opening scenes of the trailer, we are told that 1 in 50 soldiers are fully automated, hinting at not only their prevalence in society but also their warfaring capabilities. In this short film, we see Hollywood favorite Michelle Rodriguez come together with Lukas Haas to prevent the eradication of humanity as an ex-soldier and an engineer, respectively. They must work together to deftly utilize the information they have to make sure that robots don't take over. The video paints a picture of a future where robots don't just replace the jobs of lawyers, checkout clerks, and business professionals. In this future, the robots act as a superior, oppressive mechanical force that makes organic human life seem obsolete.

Check out the trailer below--while l go take the batteries out of my Rumba...I don't want it getting any ideas...

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