We all know that life is change—that the cosmos is in a constant state of flux. However, there are some things that seem like constants. The Sun, Moon, and all the various stars in the sky...it seems like they are eternal and unchanging. Of course, this isn't really true. Stars form from swirling gas and dust; they give rise to solar systems, and eventually, they die. The same will happen to our own Sun, and when it does, the Earth and Moon will be obliterated.

However, that won't happen for billions and billions of years (fortunately). For us, the Sun will always look the same, just as it does right now. And it will remain thus for many, many generations.

But what if the Sun did change? What if it suddenly ballooned up into a supergiant or shrunk into a tiny red dwarf? We would all die terrible deaths, of course, but how would it look (not our deaths, the stars)... These awesome, and fact-based images by Martin Vargic, a graphic designer and amateur astronomer in Slovakia, give you some idea. Vargic was able to make this image from data gathered on each star's brightness, size, and temperature. All of the images are also labeled with the star's classification and mass relative to the Sun.

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