Zero Latency

Zero Latency, a virtual reality game set within a zombie apocalypse, has been heralded by critics as "virtual gaming at its best." The success is largely due to the fact that the Melbourne-based creators developed a "multiplayer free-roam" system that allows for a great range of freedom and contributes to the unique experience. In a release, co-director Tim Ruse states that that the experience is both physical and interactive - no controllers needed, just your body.

Recently, a team from Mashable tried out Zero Latency at an empty warehouse. They were equipped with an Oculus Rift VR headset, headphones, a mic for communication, a backpack with an Alienware Alpha computer, and a gun with sensors that is specially made for the game. 128 cameras were installed to monitor the players' movements throughout the 30 minute session.

The player can easily switch weapons mid-game with just a few buttons, and they are kept spatially-aware by the red crosses that appear if they are near obstructions.

Coder and co-director Scott Vandonkelaar notes that it is not possible to run in the game - even if there is a strong urge to do so. The game's goal is to find a way out of the zombie-filled building with green circles that help you progress and yellow circles that help you do actions. Ariel Bogle, of Mashable, reveals that the experience is truly immersive, like stepping into another world. She states that you can cross a "rickety bridge" between skyscrapers with a real sense of depth and you can walk over dead zombies as if they're actually there.

Check out Zero Latency VR here:

What's Next?

The creators know that, in order to play Zero Latency, a large space is needed, so their goal is to sell the technology to people who want to operate venues similar to laser tag. Their North Melbourne space, which was originally intended for research and development, has now opened its doors for people who want to experience the game themselves.

They are selling tickets for $88, and the venue is already booked until February. They are also looking into expanding into other parts of Australia and eventually taking the game to overseas locations.

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