Reading X-Rays

Zebra Medical Imaging is working with Intermountain to create a neural network that will study and compare x-rays with its own database.

This means that, instead of handing your x-ray to a doctor, where human error could come into play, the image would instead be given to a computer equipped with deep learning to sift through a massive database of possible anomalies.

The development of this technology also means that the AI can more efficiently interpret fresh x-rays and offer suggestions to radiographers, thus reducing the possibility of misdiagnosis.

Image Credit: Engadget

Deep Learning

As deep learning technology evolves to become stronger and cheaper, the opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) to continue assisting medical practitioners becomes more apparent.

Eventually, the team behind this work is hoping that it can lend itself to better access to medical diagnostics, especially in countries where there is a shortage of medical experts. Continued development of the technology could mean that AI could be the key to solving medical issues in depressed and needy areas.

Notably, the technology is not just applicable for bone injury, but can also be used for cardiovascular and lung analysis.

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