Deep-Learning Gamer

HIRO is an artificially-intelligent program from IT and AI company Arago. The program, which stands for Human Intelligence Robotically Optimized, is modeled to imitate human memory and skill in problem solving.

HIRO's latest accomplishment is its expert level playing of the civilization building video game Freeciv. The game, based on Sid Meier’s Civilization series, is hugely unpredictable with as many as 10 to the power of 15,000 possible game solutions.

It's a feat that's now in the reach of deep-learning AI. At the TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016, Arago announced that HIRO can beat about 80 percent of human players at Freeciv.

AI bots capable of complex strategy utilize deep machine learning honed by training from developers. HIRO learned by opposing human gamers, and by repeatedly beating the built-in computer opponent of the game. AI from Google DeepMind, AphaGo, also made a lot of noise for beating the world champion at the war simulation game Go. To this, Arago boasts that HIRO had less training from less data to beat a more complex game.

AI Future

HIRO sharpens its capabilities using these games. Arago offers HIRO to customers as an IT automation tool for business. Perfecting video games is merely training ground for HIRO and other deep-learning AI before they move on to functions like facial detection or cancer research. AI already plays a huge role in today’s society, optimizing systems in a wide range of industries.

AI has assisted medical procedures like cataract surgery and breast cancer detection. It makes safer and easier to use transportation like intelligent airplanes and self-driving cars.

The development of AI is rapid and is already changing the landscape of how we live. Let's just hope that these machines don't get any ideas for world domination from all these civilization-conquering video games.

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