Jetpacks are pieces of science fiction that are quickly becoming science fact. Case in point, pro golfer Bubba Watson has partnered with a jetpack manufacturer, the Martin Aircraft Company, to debut the BW-Air, a golf cart jetpack.

Yes, a golf cart jetpack. Skeptical? See it in action in the video below:

This comes after a need to top 2013's infamous hovercraft golf cart, and it is also a way to celebrate golf's return to the Olympics.

The cart is powered by two large fans and a 210-horsepower engine capable of taking the craft up to 3,000 feet (nearly a kilometer) and propelling it at up to 46 mph (74 km/h). Like any golf cart, there is storage for a bag of clubs.

And it does not come cheap. Each one costs $200,000. Oh, and you only get to ride it if you get permission from the authorities.

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