Meet the New Cohort

Meet the Companies Reinventing City Life at Urban-X Demo Day 05

Updated 5.8.19, 5:11 PM EDT by Natalie Coleman

We joined URBAN-X to learn how the seven companies of UBX Cohort 05 are developing solutions for reclaiming city life and revolutionizing urban living. Watch our live footage from DemoDay05 to hear more, and jump to these timestamps to learn more about each company:

1:50 - Circuit provides free, electric shuttle transportation in 17 cities around the US.

9:33 - Toggle is revolutionizing construction robotics for rebar and reinforced concrete.

16:49 - Treau creates sleek climate control systems, which cut out carbon emissions while keeping you cool.

22:48 - GreenQ uses truck-based analytics to make waste management more efficient than ever.

27:26 - Thrilling is reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry by bringing vintage and second-hand shopping online.

33:34 - Borrow helps make electric vehicles more accessible by providing short-term, flexible leasing options.

39:05 - BuildStream makes construction sites more efficient with real-time optimization of heavy construction equipment operations.

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