Google's Cloud services have been out for some time now, and the Google team has been able to do some nifty things with it. So, for anybody interested in playing with their cloud database services and other cloud computing services, you are now in luck.


Google has just made a slew of announcements regarding cloud computing services. In short, the company revealed major updates to its cloud storage, while also announcing that the cloud services are now out of beta.

Google's low-cost Nearline storage service, used for "cold" data, has been given a speed upgrade. Normally users expect a 3-5 second latency when accessing data in Nearline. Now, it's been ugraded to "almost real-time." Updates have also been made to the database services offered in the cloud.

The announcements mean that the company's cloud services are ready for production use. Google is ready to have these services compete against those offered by companies like Amazon and Microsoft. The company claims, “Today marks a major milestone in our tremendous momentum and commitment to making Google Cloud Platform the best public cloud for your enterprise database workloads.”

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