Plenty of countertop kitchen appliances sell themselves as versatile, and these days, even common toasters come with secondary cooking capabilities. The TOKIT Omni Cook is a new smart cooking device that actually doubles as a sous chef, and this review will touch on its greatest features.

The device comprises a smart dock complete with a gorgeous touchscreen that the mixing bowl nestles into. Powerful blades grind, crush, and puree as well as any high-end blender. But unlike a blender or food processor, the TOKIT Omni Cook also adds precision heat to cook while the blades spin. With these combined capabilities, along with its built-in scale, the TOKIT Omni Cook can replace up to 21 different common kitchen appliances. Here’s a peek at what kitchen alchemy the TOKIT Omni Cook is able to pull off.

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Hands-free Pastry: Tricky, temperature-sensitive foods like eggs and dairy can go from silky smooth and delicious to curdled nightmare before you can reach for your probe thermometer. The TOKIT cooks eggs into custard and whips cream to soft peaks without constant stirring over a hot stove. 

Ready, Set, Bake: The paddle attachment creams butter and sugar as handily as a countertop KitchenAid mixer for your next batch of cookies or cupcakes. It works equally well when it comes to whipping egg whites into meringue so thick you can practically stand on it. The blades are powerful enough to not just knead pizza or shokupan dough, but provide the perfect temps to let them rise to perfection. 

Never again wonder, “What’s for dinner?” Jaime Carrillo/Futurism

Mealtime, Without the Guesswork: The gorgeous interface syncs up to cookNjoy, a worldwide database with thousands of guided step-by-step recipes. Browse through the platform depending on what you’re craving, gather ingredients, and let Omni Cook do the rest. When you’re done, simply fill with water and a little soap and run the cleaning cycle. The heat combined with the blades will melt away any caked-on food, leaving the machine pristine for next time. 

Seriously Powerful, Seriously Safe: Omni Cook’s blades run as slow as 40 rpms and as fast as 12,000 rpms, to not simply puree food, but pulverize it. These blades won’t start until the stable safety lock is engaged, making it just as safe as less powerful appliances. 

Possibilities are Almost Endless: Eleven different cooking modes let you customize everything from blade speed to cooking temperature, which let the Omni Cook work as not one device, but 21. It’s a food processor, but it’s also a juicer, shredder, kettle, ice crusher, slow cooker, meat grinder, and can even be used as a dedicated steamer and rice cooker. 

Because of its versatility, it’s a fantastic option for folks looking to scale down the amounts of bulky kitchen appliances clogging up countertops. For those living in spaces with tiny kitchens (RVs, college dorms, tiny apartments) TOKIT Omni Cook contains plenty of cooking power in a very small, very sleek space. 

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