Apple released AirPods yesterday, confirming rumors of the elimination of the traditional headphone jack for the new iPhone.

And with it, Apple may have ended the era of the headphone jack. Invented in 1878, the headphone jack can be considered one of the most formidable tech products the world has ever seen. 140 years of use, with just minimal adjustments to the original design.

And Apple might've just killed it yesterday, with its bluetooth-powered AirPods.

Image credit: Apple

But Apple isn't taking its chances, it seems. Each new iPhone 7 will come equipped with a dongle for connecting regular wired headphones. Still, the dongle also uses the lighting cable port, meaning the phone cannot be charged while the peripheral is in use. In any case, Apple is making it possible to use both your old earphones and the AirPod on the iPhone 7.

Apple has a way of hastening time honored tech to the grave. For example, the iMac marked the removal of floppy drives. More recently, MacBook Air laptops were among the first computers released without CD-ROM drives and Ethernet ports in efforts to make thinner and cheaper models. This new way of life has a long way to go before we can officially declare the jack dead.

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