Concept Development and Design

The portable apartments, called Kasita, were developed by Jeff Wilson alongside an industrial designer from Frog. Wanting to stray from traditional micro-apartments and small housing, the duo pegged its design process to an iPhone's. Each unit is 30% bigger than a container, which is usually 2,240 sq. ft., and it's equipped with modular furniture and other high-tech features like the ability to command the glass to darken for privacy. If an individual wishes to move locations, he/she can simply press a button from an app, and a moving truck will be ready to move and plug the entire unit on another rack of apartments in a new place.

Inside the apt, from FastCoExist
Future Plans

Another selling point of Kasita is its affordability. Despite having a long list of high-tech features and its mobility, the group believes the price will remain at about half that of a comparable studio apartment. In the future, the company hopes to make the homes run on solar via Tesla batteries, and add rainwater collection. The first rack of smart apartments will be built in Spring 2016 in Austin, Texas - and hopefully more cities shortly thereafter

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