Game of Thrones, the epic HBO show adapted from G.R.M.M.'s "A Song of Ice & Fire" book series, is like a mashup of the Walking Dead and The Lord of the Rings, with all the sex, death, violence and gore of "True Blood." It has dragons, wish granting, shape shifting assassins, giants, shadow babies, Sean Bean, and mythical zombies separated  from humans by a huge ice wall.

One thing it is a little short on is sound science (and that's totally okay; they call it science-fiction/fantasy for a reason). in Westeros, winter is coming... and it has been or 4 (almost 5) seasons now.

Jon Snow probably couldn't tell you why the seasons in the 7 kingdoms are so out of whack (after all, Jon Snow knows nothing), but perhaps science can. (Hint: it has to do with elliptical orbits and nearby companion planets).

Joe Hanson — from It's okay to Be Smart — puts the puzzle pieces together, while also touching base on things beyond the seasons...

WATCH: "The Science of Game of Thrones"

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