• The EmDrive and the Cannae Drive are two different things. They both are claimed to use a specially shaped cavity, with constricted openings, and operate by using some form of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum to generate a directional force.
  • The EmDrive has been tested in a laboratory twice independently (once by a team at the China Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) in Xi'an, and once by Eagleworks at the Johnson Space Center), under different conditions and setups, while the Cannae Drive has only been independently tested once by Eagleworks.
  • Although they are independently invented, and different in shape, and the inventors claim different effects are the cause of the resulting force, because of their similarities in concept and mode of operation, as well as the particular method of interacting with the microwaves, it is likely that if they work they operate on the same principal regardless of what the inventors claim.

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