These videos are hysterical.

Commander in Keef

Being the butt of the joke in absurd memes steeped in irony practically comes with the job of being the president of the United States.

And the memes are evolving, folks. Now, people have started using AI-powered apps to clone the voice of president Joe Biden and have him spout off some hilariously out-of-character rants, the latest trend in presidential memes.

One of the best examples we've seen so far is this edit of Biden spotted by Rolling Stone, delivering a speech on how he — and in fact, Americans at large — prefer shitty weed.

"You go up to someone and say, hey, I'm gonna give you a big bag of this heady bud but I'm taking your stash of mids, they're gonna say, 'C'mon man, get outta here!'" proclaims a fiery AI Biden, to rapturous applause.

Angry Gamers

Dedicated meme creators have even dropped ol' Joe into video game lobbies, replete with the lingo of your typical, extremely tilted gamer.

This viral parody of Biden has him bickering with former president and now in-game teammate Donald Trump in a game of Overwatch — though something tells us they probably didn't queue together.

"Oh gg we lost, this is my rankup game too … Someone dodge please!" Trump laments.

"You are not beating the hardstuck masters allegations, Don," Biden replies.

Given the history between these two presidents and how toxic matchmaking in first-person shooter games can be, it's honestly a pretty accurate portrayal!

Party's Over

Memes can be all good and fun, but it's hard to fully enjoy these mostly harmless parodies without being reminded of how easily the technology can be abused.

While not all of these creators have disclosed what they're using to synthesize these voice clones, many of them use a popular tool known as Prime Voice AI, created by ElevenLabs.

At only five bucks a month, all a user has to do is upload audio clips of whatever speaker they want to impersonate and type in text of what they want the clone to say. And with public figures like Biden and Trump, there's no shortage of material, allowing the AI to synthesize eerily convincing speech.

And unsurprisingly, the ease of impersonation the tool allows has become a growing problem. VoiceLabs has already had to clamp down on "an increasing number of voice cloning misuse cases," the company tweeted.

While it did not specifically reference these misuse cases, according to Rolling Stone, it's not hard to guess what they were — like voice-cloned videos of famed actor Emma Watson reading Mein Kampf.

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