"[Its] main benefit is to the employers, not the employees."

Poop Limit

British startup StandardToilet has designed a toilet that's intentionally made to be uncomfortable thanks to its 13-degree slope, according to Wired. Sitting on it for more than five minutes is reportedly unbearable.

The goal is to make it too uncomfortable to sit on for prolonged periods of time, motivating office workers to get off of Instagram and back to their desks, or to free up public bathroom stalls.

Five Minutes

The toilet was met with derision.

"Let's destroy StandardToilet and all who work there," wrote one Twitter user.

"Say goodbye to comfort breaks!" actor Dave Vescio wrote in a sarcastic tweet. "They say the main benefit is to employees in improved employee productivity."

Throne Room

The toilet costs anywhere between $200 and $650. The company is already in talks with local councils and major motorway service stations to distribute the toilets, according to Wired.

“[Its] main benefit is to the employers, not the employees," StandardToilet founder Mahabir Gill told Wired. "It saves the employer money."

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