It's an excruciating watch.

Apollo Malone

Face tattooed musician Austin "Post Malone" Post got a rare chance to talk to NASA astronauts currently stationed on board the International Space Station.

The ensuing four-minute clip, posted by the space agency to YouTube on Thursday, is a strange mixed bag. Meant to honor Earth Day — which is on April 22, though Thursday was April 20, a day notable for other reasons — the interview didn't reveal all too much about what it's like to spend time on board the ISS that we didn't already know.

In fact, it was every bit as awkward as you'd expect. After all, a multi-platinum-selling artist doesn't have an awful lot in common with a NASA astronaut, if anything.

"That's super, super, super cool, man," Post Malone — or "Posty," as he referred to himself — told NASA astronauts and Crew Expedition 69 members Steve Bowen and Woody Hoburg after they called the occasion a "real treat."

"And I'd imagine you guys up there have the most baller view in the universe," Post Malone added.

Planet Rockstar

The two astronauts recounted how amazing it is to watch thunderstorms from hundreds of miles above the surface while hurtling around the Earth at 17,500 mph. Hoburg recalled being shocked at the fact that there were no visible borders between countries and just how thin the Earth's atmosphere is.

In short, it's exactly the kind of talking points you'd expect astronauts to hit while an enthusiastic Malone listened in.

Meanwhile, the tie-in to Earth Day felt equally stunted.

"It's an amazing planet," Hoburg told the music artist. "My favorite planet. It's incredible to look at."

"Earth is such a special place," Bowen added.

To their credit, the two astronauts were very supportive of their awkward guest.

"You did an awesome job," Hoburg told Malone. "Really great, and all the best to you and all your fans."

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