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Anyway Here's Wonderwall

Extreme Snowstorm Traps 60 People in Pub with Oasis Cover Band

byTony Tran
11. 30. 21
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They were trapped for three days before they were saved by snow plows.

Snowstorm Supernova

Sure, there’s nothing quite like scream-singing “Wonderwall” with your friends at a bar — but imagine if you were forced to listen to it.

For three days. 

And it’s a cover band. 

That was the case for 60 unfortunate souls who were trapped at the Tan Hill Inn after a snowstorm dropped three feet of snow in Swaledale, England, according to CNN. All roads leading out of the pub — which has the distinction of being the highest-elevation pub in the UK — were completely blocked by snow drifts.


However, the inn was prepared for such an event and even had Noasis, an Oasis cover band, on hand to entertain guests throughout the storm. The band had been booked for a concert on Friday night when the storm hit resulting in a three-day residency at the pub. 

The One That Saves Me

Andrew Hields, co-owner of the Tan Hill Inn, told CNN that since the establishment is off grid, it had its own electricity system that kept the party going during the snowstorm. So along with hits from the Liam and Noel Gallagher doppelgangers, the Tan Hill Inn were able to entertain guests with karaoke and trivia. 

“They’re all in good spirits, they’re all eating and drinking well,” Andrew Hields, co-owner of the pub, told CNN. 

Eventually, snow plows were able to clear the roads to the pub and rescue the guests after three days, Gizmodo reported, allowing them to leave and hopefully listen to something else that isn’t Oasis. 


While this hilarious event ended up positively, it’s likely just another example of anthropogenic climate change’s impact on extreme weather. And while we knew that it could cause things like floods and droughts, no one could have ever predicted it’d result in some people having to listen to an Oasis cover band for three days straight. 

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