It's learned a few new tricks since September.

Level Up

BMW's self-driving motorcycle has apparently been practicing its moves.

In September, the automaker released a video of one of its 1200 GS motorcycles modified to drive autonomously. In that clip, the vehicle starts itself, drives down a long, slightly curved road, and then stops — impressive, given that the bike is driving itself, but essentially the same moves an amateur rider might attempt.

This week, the company demoed the self-driving motorcycle live at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, and it now moves like an expert biker is at the controls.

Hug the Curve

Check out the demo video below to see BMW's motorcycle drive itself in tight circles and quickly switch directions.

Just don't expect to encounter one of these driverless bikes next to you on the freeway — according to BMW, the technology is meant to support riders on the road, not replace them.

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