Your autonomous car won't do you any good sitting in the garage.

Good for Shareholders

Tesla shareholders weren't the only ones seeing dollar signs on Wednesday.

Around 6:30 pm ET that evening, CEO Elon Musk jumped on a conference call to discuss Telsa's finances for the third quarter of 2018. For the first time since 2016, he had positive financial news to share: The company made $312 million in profit, far more than many experts had predicted.

Good for You

But during the call Musk also shared his prediction for the future of ride-hailing, and if his vision becomes reality, you won't need to own stock in Tesla to earn some greenbacks — you'll just need to own one of the company's green vehicles:

We absolutely see the future as kind of a shared electric autonomy, so that you’d be able to do ride-hailing or share the car anyway, you know, sort of a long-term model that’s probably some combination of like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. There will be Tesla dedicated cars for ride-hailing and any customer will be able to share their car at will, just like you share your house on Airbnb.

So, it's a combination of those two models, I think is pretty obvious where things are headed long-term. The advantage that Tesla will have is that we’ll have millions of cars in the field with full autonomy capability, and no one else will have that. So I think that will end up putting us in the strongest competitive position long-term.

If Musk's right, your Tesla could one day earn money ferrying people across town while you sleep. Now if he could just program the vehicles to pick up breakfast on their way home.

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