Aborted Stunt

An infamous thrill-seeker was recently arrested in Las Vegas after climbing the Las Vegas Sphere, the city's new glowing orb of wonder entirely covered in screens.

Self-proclaimed skyscraper climber Maison DesChamps, a Las Vegas native, was detained on Wednesday after footage of him climbing the 367-foot structure in a white hoodie and sunglasses made the rounds on social media.

But a simple daredevil's lark, this isn't. DesChamps is a staunch anti-abortion activist who calls himself the "pro-life Spiderman." According to USA Today, he was scaling the orb as a way of canceling an innocent homeless woman's upcoming abortion.

Have No Sphere

DesChamps previously attempted to climb the Accenture Tower in Chicago without any rope. At the time, he was charged with two misdemeanors conducts of reckless conduct and criminal trespass.

He then attempted to climb the Chase Tower in downtown Phoenix ahead of last year's Super Bowl. According to local police, he was facing charges of trespassing and criminal nuisance at the time.

The Sphere, however, is a very different beast thanks to its "exosphere" of LED screens. The price tag of the unique structure was well over $2 billion, making it the ultimate monument to our hypercapitalist dreams.

It can seat 17,600 spectators and features an ear-popping 164,00-speaker audio system.

What builders didn't have in mind, however, is a pro-life nutcase climbing the structure. Fortunately, local authorities quickly stepped in and nobody got hurt.

"We are grateful to the local authorities for their support in this matter," a statement by owner Sphere Entertainment reads. "The individuals involved are currently in the custody of [the Las Vegas Metro Police Department]."

For the record: After the US Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, millions of women across the country don't have access to a legal abortion. Not only is that a major infringement on somebody's constitutional rights, it's incredibly dangerous from a health perspective — like they need another reminder, especially one as inane as this.

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