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Livetweet Armageddon

Someone Built an OS for Computers Salvaged After the World Ends

byDan Robitzski
10. 9. 19
Image via NeedPix/Victor Tangermann

I don't remember this from "Mad Max."

Contingency Plan

When the end of the world comes, how will you tweet?

Thankfully for those of us who didn’t have a plan ready, Motherboard reports, software developer Virgil Dupras built an operating system — Collapse OS — that can be run on parts salvaged from a post-apocalyptic hellscape. The idea is to find ways to keep civilization from having to start from scratch when everything falls apart around us.

Upper Hand

Dupras believes that when society collapses and consumer electronics aren’t readily available, those with the materials and know-how to rebuild and program their own will have an upper hand.

He built Collapse OS to run on parts that he suspects will be readily available to scavengers, and also programmed the operating system to be self-assembling and self-contained to make it easier to get up and running with makeshift machines.


Goldilocks Apocalypse

The odds the operating system will help anyone are slim. It’s perfect for an apocalypse where we can’t use modern consumer electronics, but also that’s not quite so catastrophic that everyone is too busy fighting Thunderdome-style over the last sliver of food to care about computers.

“I’m doing this to mitigate a risk that I think is real,” Dupras told Motherboard. “Not inevitable, but likely enough to warrant a modest effort.”

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