"The entire platform is a personal indulgence for a lunatic billionaire."

Really Mature

When Elon Musk bought Twitter — which he's since cringely renamed X — he said he wanted to make the social media platform into a free speech zone. But apparently that principle doesn't apply to critics like Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at New York University, who says he was locked out of his Twitter account of more than 564,000 followers after snubbing the mercurial tech guy.

Galloway wrote yesterday on Meta's competing Threads platform that a "mutual friend reached out and said Elon feels 'unfairly attacked,' by me, and wants to meet."

"I declined," he added. "2 days later I was locked out of 'X.'"

Snub Nose

The move follows a long line of behavior of Musk using the social media platform to subvert free speech and impose his will over his foes, like blocking and throttling traffic to websites he doesn't like, his public beef with National Public Radio, and his spat with Substack.

As such, the responses on Galloway's post pointed out the blatant hypocrisy.

"What happened to free speech on X formerly known as Twitter," one Threads user wrote.

Another quipped that the "entire platform is a personal indulgence for a lunatic billionaire."

Petty Beef

It's not exactly clear what set Musk off against Galloway, but Galloway's last mention of Musk on Twitter was him linking to a Reuters story on how Musk created a secret team at Tesla to cancel service appointments from people who were having range issues with their cars.

Galloway tweeted with a sick burn "Tesla intentionally gave drivers rosy driving range projections, leaving many stranded." He added, in a dig at Musk's ambitions to add banking and other applications to X: "BUT you should totally bank with X."

Galloway's last tweet was on July 28, so the professor has been locked out of Twitter for a good chunk of August already.

Since he's been locked out of his Twitter account, Galloway has continued criticizing Musk, including sarcastically challenging him to trial by combat. But besides Mark Zuckerberg, Galloway will have to get in a long line, since Musk has not made many friends since taking over Twitter.

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