"It was like something out of 'Jaws.'"

Paging Stephen Spielberg

It was a close call for a Netflix camera crew when a swarm of tiger sharks attacked their boat, puncturing the vessel and forcing them to make an emergency landing on a beach in Hawaii, according to an account published by Radio Times.

The crew was filming footage for the David Attenborough docuseries "Our Planet II." They were manning an inflatable boat around the waters of Laysan, an isolated island in Northwestern Hawaii, so they could film tiger sharks preying on young albatross fledglings.

"This 'v' of water came streaming towards us and this tiger shark leapt at the boat and bit huge holes in it. The whole boat exploded," Toby Nowlan, director and producer, told Radio Times. "We were trying to get it away and it wasn’t having any of it. It was horrific. That was the second shark that day to attack us."

Hangry Sharks

Luckily, the boat was only roughly 330 feet from the nearest beach and had enough air to get the crew safely to land, Radio Times reports.

Nowlan called the shark attack "extremely unusual," but said they may have been "incredibly hungry, so there might not have been enough natural food and they were just trying anything they came across in the water."

Huw Cordey, a producer, spilled more details in a Forbes interview, saying that the crew was supposed to do an underwater shoot when the attack happened.

"It was like something out of 'Jaws,'" said Cordey.

Team Shark

Locals have been spotting an increasing number of tiger sharks in the waters around Hawaii as of late, Newsweek reports. There have been four reported shark attacks in Hawaiian waters this year so far.

A shark, believed to be a tiger shark, bit a man's right foot in April, which later required amputation of the appendage, according to Newsweek.

Tiger sharks are known to be aggressive and have a rapacious appetite for just about anything. Their stomachs have been found to have tires and license plates, according to the Ocean Conservancy.

But sharks, including tiger sharks rarely attack humans, despite whatever anti-shark propaganda you may have seen in "Jaws."

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