Many, many questions remain.

Close Encounters

In July 2019, a series of mysterious lights — most likely drones hovering in low visibility — swarmed US Navy ships off the coast of California.

The resulting internal investigation reached the highest authorities of the Navy, according to The Drive, but many questions still remain about exactly what happened during the mysterious encounter. Namely, consumer drones can’t match the speeds or flight times that were logged in the ships’ records, suggesting that the peculiar flybys were likely either a military exercise gone wrong, some sort of foreign action, or something much stranger.

Stunt Flight

The Drive investigated the bizarre drone sightings by getting its hands on ship logs and internal Navy communications, and odd details immediately stood out.

For instance, as many as six drones flew around the same ship at a time one night, keeping pace for 90-minute flights even as the ship traveled at 16 knots (over 18 MPH) in extremely limited visibility. That’s already an impressive feat of coordination for the drones’ unseen operators to pull off, but the fact that commercially-available drones couldn’t fly for that long suggests that there’s more to the story than an ill-advised prank.

Missing Reel

Unfortunately, if the Navy ever figured out what was going on, then it kept it quiet. The Drive‘s investigation, as it stands right now, doesn’t get to the bottom of the repeat drone sightings and flybys, which targeted multiple Navy vessels throughout the month.

The publication did confirm that the highest-ranking officials in the Navy got involved, but questions over where the drones came from, who was operating them, and especially why they were doing so are all still in need of answers.

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