NAS members can be expelled over harassment and bullying.

Code of Conduct

Members of the National Academy of Sciences can now be kicked out over sexual harassment as well as other forms of bullying, intimidation, and discrimination.

The group, made up of prominent scientists and academics who advise government leaders on scientific matters while publishing new research, enacted a new code of conduct last week. According to a NAS press release, the new rules allow any member to bring forth allegations of harassment — a big step toward making the scientific community less hostile to women and marginalized groups.

Majority Rules

Members of the NAS, 83 percent of whom are men and, on average, 72 years old, can be expelled if two-thirds of the NAS' governing council vote to do so, according to Science.

"All women who have had a tough road — even those who have made it — I'm sure like me are happy to see this day where they can finally say: 'The climate is gonna change,'" NAS president Marcia McNut told Science. "No longer will a climate be tolerated that doesn't allow women to have the same chance as their male colleagues to thrive."

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