It even got stuck on the local beach and had to be rescued.

Disturbing the Peace

A Tesla Cybertruck is wreaking havoc on Nantucket, a tiny island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The automotive monstrosity was spotted taking the ferry to the island on Thursday — and has been blocking sidewalks and getting stuck on the beach ever since.

Local newspaper the Nantucket Current had a field day with the jarring vehicle, which has quickly become synonymous with making "poor life choices," shoddy craftsmanship, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk's grating public persona.

"Cyber Stuck: First Tesla Cybertruck On Nantucket Has A Rough Day," the newspaper titled its tongue-in-cheek piece.

It "didn't take long to make an impression," as the Current mused. Just after rolling off the ferry, the offending vehicle blocked an entire crosswalk on the small island's Main Street: photos show the vehicle — which had Connecticut plates — diagonally parked across a cobblestone pedestrian walkway.

In short, it's arguably the perfect representation of what we've come to expect from the divisive vehicle and its abrasive owners.

"Could the truck's bizarre appearance Thursday on Nantucket been a planned stunt of some kind?" the Current wrote. "Time will tell, and the Current plans to investigate."

There Once Was a Truck on Nantucket

The Cybertruck couldn't have been more out of its element. Just a day before, the newspaper had updated its Facebook page with a picture of an adorable duck family crossing the island's gorgeous, cobblestone street.

Hilariously, the pickup also became stuck on Nantucket's Eel Point beach after blocking the sidewalk, drawing a small crowd of onlookers. According to the Current, a local towing service had to rescue the vehicle after its tires got stuck in the sand.

A photo shared by the Current shows the owner seemingly trying to change the tire pressure on his vehicle, suggesting he at least tried to air down before hitting the beach.

"We have an update, believe it or not," the Current wrote in an update on Facebook, showing pictures of the beached stainless steel whale.

It's not even the first time we've heard of a Cybertruck getting stuck on a beach.

Users on Musk's social media network were delighted by the coverage.

"All local news outlets should aspire to this level of pettiness," reporter Brandon Hardin tweeted.

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