Politicians are gamers now — or, at least, that's what they want you to believe.

Gamer Representatives

It sounds like a joke, but members of Congress and their staff are getting together Wednesday to play the video game "Rocket League" — and, as the icing on the cake, they'll be streaming the event live on Twitch.

"Members of Congress and their staff will play the video game 'Rocket League,' which will be streamed on the online platform Twitch, and answer questions as they compete in the tournament," reads a press release sent out by the communications director of Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL.)

Future Forum

The Future Forum, a group of 50 members of the House of Representatives who focus on technology and other issues affecting young people, will host the event. If you're not one of those young people, we should probably mention that "Rocket League" is a soccer-like game in which players control small, rocket-propelled cars.

Here's our over-under: it's good that elected officials are working to familiarize themselves with gaming culture — but they probably won't really get the culture, or its unique challenges, until they start diving deep into the chat on a PewDiePie stream.

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