This is the last thing LA needs after a month of rain storms.

Do The Cyclone

After weeks of nearly-non-stop rain, a freaking tornado was filmed as it ripped through Los Angeles County, damaging people and property in its wake.

As LA's ABC7 reports, the tornado claimed the roof of businesses in the East LA County town of Montebello, damaging several cars and injuring at least one person.

Thus far, there isn't much more information about the injured person or damaged property, but the Angelenos who saw it are freaked out regardless.

"It felt like somebody was hitting the wall with iron bars," one witness told the local NBC affiliate. "I saw trash flying around, trees falling down. Even our wrought iron gate is torn up."

Tornados are rare in California, but not quite so much as you'd think, with the state typically getting around 11 per year. This latest one, it eventually emerged, was the strongest to hit LA County since 1983.

Landspout and About

Interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, National Weather Service meteorologist Kristen Stewart — a different one, presumably — said that, per videos she'd viewed, the act of nature may end up being classified as a "landspout," which she described as a weaker type of tornado than the kind depicted in films like 1996's "Twister."

The tornado comes after weeks of rain and thunderstorms that have plagued the City of Angels for what seems like the entire month of March, which caused widespread flooding but also, on the brighter side, ended the water shortage for some of California's residents in the wake of its historic drought.

The previous night, the National Weather Service did indeed warn that a thunderstorm capable of causing a tornado could be hitting LA and Ventura Counties — a warning that now seems, perhaps, well-warranted.

Updated with additional details.

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