Is this really necessary?

Majestic Seven

Tech company Expanscape has created a true monster: a laptop prototype called Aurora 7 with seven — yes, seven — screens attached to it, as The Verge reports.

The Frankenstein device comes with a main 17 inch display, three additional monitors of the same size attached to the left, right, and top of the main display, and two additional seven inch monitors popping out of the top of both the left and right displays. The seventh screen is tucked right into the right palm rest below the keyboard.

Expanscape bills the behemoth a "proper mobile Security Operations Center" on its website. It's definitely not designed with the everyday user in mind — or anybody normal, to be frank.


Surprising nobody, the Aurora 7's weighs in at about a monstrous 26 pounds. It won't fit in a standard laptop sleeve either, measuring a whopping 4.3 inches thick.

It also requires a 148 watt-hour secondary battery just to power all those displays, which means you won't be able to fly on a plane in the US with this thing in your luggage, as The Verge points out. Expanscape, however, is trying to bring that battery size down to allow its ridiculous laptop on planes.

Despite its gargantuan battery, the device can only power itself for an hour.

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