"This is the worst that AI will ever be."

MF'in Monster

Will the real Kanye West please stand up?

In a jarring video, AI enthusiast and influencer Roberto Nickson explained how he used AI tools to clone the artist formerly known as Yeezy's voice, then use it to replace some bars that he rapped himself.

The results, which Nickson rightfully boasts are "utterly incredible," are what can only be described as the beginnings of an apology track to the Jewish people that Ye's maligned repeatedly over the last six months.

"I got a fantasy that's beautiful, that's dark and twisted," the not-Ye raps, referencing "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," the rightfully-canceled West's masterpiece of a breakup album released in 2010. "But I attacked a whole religion all because of my ignorance."

Touché, Nickson.

Wake Up Mr. West

In the video, the influencer said that the idea to make up his own Ye song came after playing around with Ye's voice on AI-generated covers, such as one he posted a few weeks ago of Kid Cudi's megahit "Day 'n' Nite" and an eerily-good version of fake Yeezy "singing" Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself."

"The results will blow your mind," Nickson wrote — and unfortunately, he was right.

After finding a "Kanye-style beat on YouTube," the AI expert wrote some honestly pretty great "Kanye-style" bars, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"What was I thinking, that was some bitch shit," the not-Ye raps with a slight autotuned edge masking the artificial-ness that could well be out of his "Graduation" era.

AI-ll Falls Down

At one point in the video, Nickson notes that while his rudimentary Ye clone is by no means perfect, "this is the worst that AI will ever be" — and then offered a freaky prediction.

"In just a few years, basically every popular musician will have multiple trained multiple trained models of them," the AI bro presaged. "Things are gonna move very, very fast over the next two years, you're gonna be listening to [AI-generated] songs by your favorite artists that are completely indistinguishable [from the real thing], you're not gonna know whether it's them or not."

"I'm just starting to think of all the good, all the bad that's going to come out of this," Nickson added. And to be quite honest, it's hard to see the good after that kind of grim prophesying from someone who seems to know what he's talking about.

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