And you can buy one — for $380,000.

Take Flight

California startup Jetpack Aviation (JPA) is best known for — you guessed it — creating futuristic jetpacks designed to let you channel your inner Iron Man.

But the aerospace company has a flying car in development, too, and it's also apparently channeled its knowledge of jet turbines into creating a flying motorcycle called the Speeder.

The "Return of the Jedi"-esque craft is now available for pre-order on the company's website — if you have $10,000 to put down on it.

Biker Heaven

The Speeder's four turbojet engines allow the craft to fly in excess of 241 kilometers per hour (150 mph) for up to 22 minutes, depending on the altitude and the weight of the pilot, which can go up to 250 pounds.

The flying motorcycle is powered by either kerosene, JetA, or diesel, and it can reach a height of 15,000 feet. But as JPA notes on its website, a pilot would need to supply their own oxygen at that altitude.

Limited Edition

JPA plans to produce just 20 recreational models of the Speeder at first. But it's also working on a military/commercial version it says will have a fifth turbojet engine and the ability to fly with no pilot.

No word on what those Speeders will cost, but the recreational version will run you a whopping $380,000.

JPA is throwing in a flight suit and helmet with every purchase, though, so you'll at least save a few bucks on gear — in case that was the concern preventing you from purchasing a flying motorcycle.

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