It claims the public misinterpreted its "enthusiasm and intentions."

Sex in Public

On Friday, Welsh media outlet Wales Online reported that the Porthcawl Town Council had submitted planning documents to build high-tech toilets in a public park.

According to the documents, the toilets would be self-cleaning and feature a slew of security features — including one that would put a stop "inappropriate sexual activity" by sounding an alarm and spraying the lovebirds with water.

Now, following a wave of online backlash, the town council has stepped up to say it would build "traditional" toilets, and to claim it never planned to make the anti-sex toilets in the first place.

Flush Rush

Much of the backlash against the high-tech toilets centered on the addition of movement and weight sensors designed to detect violent activity — or the presence of two people getting busy in a single stall.

As some pointed out online, however, this could lead to countless false alarms. A parent and their child entering a stall together might trigger the security feature, for example, as could a person with a disability getting help from another person.

Your Mistake

On Monday, the town council released a statement saying it would not be installing the anti-sex toilets — but not because it noted the backlash and decided it was valid.

Instead, according to the statement, the problem is people misinterpreting the council's "enthusiasm and intentions."

Regardless, it seems the 16,000 or so residents of Porthcawl no longer have to worry about having their bathroom visit interrupted by any high-tech security measures once the new facilities open in the spring.

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