"From being told to go on sick leave when you're not sick, to having your reports taken away, we're sick of retaliation."

Walk Out

In November, an estimated 20,000 Google employees across the world staged a walkout to protest how the tech giant handles sexual misconduct.

Now, some employees are claiming they faced retaliation from Google — where “Don’t Be Evil” used to be a company motto — for taking part in that walkout, leading the organizers of the event to announce a new protest, this one scheduled for 11am on Wednesday.

“From being told to go on sick leave when you’re not sick, to having your reports taken away, we’re sick of retaliation,” reads a tweet shared by the organizers’ Twitter account. “Six months ago, we walked out. This time, we’re sitting in.”

Sit In

Google hadn’t responded to Futurism’s request for comment on the sit-in by press time. However, a company spokesperson issued a statement to TechCrunch.

“We prohibit retaliation in the workplace and publicly share our very clear policy,” read the statement. “To make sure that no complaint raised goes unheard at Google, we give employees multiple channels to report concerns, including anonymously, and investigate all allegations of retaliation.”

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