For $17,500, you get a furnished pod — which can even come with solar and WiFi.


Startup Jupe is selling prefabricated portable shelters that were designed by ex-Tesla and SpaceX designers, Business Insider reports.

The off-the-grid shelters offer 111 square feet of living space and cost $17,500 per pod.

All images courtesy of Jupe

"Jupe is an off-grid escape from the city, whether to the middle of a sprawling desert, a windswept cliff by the sea or your own backyard," the startup's official website reads. "Units are easy to assemble anywhere and WiFi-enabled, providing equal connection to the natural and digital world."

"Experiencing the natural wonders of the world shouldn’t mean being forced to disconnect while staying in a less-than-inspirational living space," CEO Jeff Wilson said in a press release. "During these times when most of us are craving a true escape, Jupe provides an experience perfectly suited for socially distanced travel."

Monolith Excitement

According to Jupe's site, the aluminum-reinforced pods can fit a Queen-sized bed, end tables, a desk and chair — and an "average-sized monolith," for some reason.

"We turned to ideas that inspired and excited us," Wilson said. "Remember that monolith from '2001: A Space Odyssey'? It last sent signals to Jupiter from the moon. It seems that a few of those blueprints were bounced back to Earth. We intercepted them and created Jupe."

If you're wiling to spend a little more, you can deck out your Jupe with smart speakers, a locking safe, and even solar panels for the full off-the-grid experience.

Jupes can be pre-ordered for a refundable $99 deposit.

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