This is gross as heck.

Fav Star

In an unfortunate turn of events, ex-NASA astronaut and current podcaster Clayton Anderson has been caught favoriting a spate of transphobic tweets — and right around Trans Day of Visibility, no less.

These harmful astronaut-approved posts, which Futurism has independently verified still have "likes" from Anderson, were first pointed out earlier in the week by Amiko Kelly, the wife of Clayton's fellow ex-astronaut Scott Kelly.

"Don’t be like Astro Clay," Kelly, herself a former NASA-er, tweeted in tandem with screenshots of three super gross posts the astronaut-turned-podcaster had liked.

In one, former Donald Trump advisor Dinesh D'Souza compares, complete with a typo, being trans to someone believing they're Napoleon Bonaparte.

In another, a poster makes a shitty joke about a trans woman who was assaulted by a TSA agent at an airport — a story that's made the rounds in the right-wing over-hype cycle. We're not linking to either of these tweets, or any of the others we documented Clayton liking, because frankly they're disgusting and don't deserve more eyeballs on them.

Calling Out

After Kelly's callout, NASA Watch's Keith Cowing joined in condemning the hateful rhetoric that the astronaut seems to be co-signing with his fav's.

"I grew up thinking that astronauts should be looked up to," Cowing posted. "After 60+ years I still hold that to be true. Astronauts are among the finest of the finest."

"But not all of you are," he continued, tagging Clayton. "Be better than this."

Cowing went on to note that after he criticized the former astronaut, he was blocked by the account for the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum in Nebraska, which is run by Clayton.

"One less unwelcoming place to visit," the NASA blogger quipped.

It's really excellent to see aerospace types come out in support of trans rights, not only because today is Trans Day of Visibility, but also because legal, rhetorical, and physical attacks against trans people keep getting worse and worse.

We agree with Cowing and Kelly: Clayton, who didn't reply to a request for comment, should be ashamed to be endorsing such bigoted beliefs, and it's important that people know it.

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