It's down!

Shots! Shots!

Remember the mysterious Chinese balloon that raised eyebrows as it soared over the United States this past week, prompting a vast wave of speculation, political posturing, and memes?

Well, it appears to have been shot down:

With a Bang

The dramatic news doesn't come as a huge surprise. Early on Saturday, the Pentagon had said that it was considering making a move to take down the mysterious balloon.

Even United States president Joe Biden weighed in, saying that "we're gonna take care of it."

Still, we're currently left with more questions than answers. Visually, the object appeared to be sporting equipment, possibly including a solar array, hanging below its buoyant balloon portion. But its actual capabilities have remained hazy.

China, for its part, said the craft was a "civilian airship." We'll be watching for details as authorities recover the wreckage and figure out what was really going on.

One thing's for sure: nothing can unite Americans like a mysterious balloon.

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